after-school-group-300x225Adjusting to life in America is extremely difficult for refugee children. These children have come to the United States after escaping war and persecution in their home countries. During the first few years in the U.S., the children must learn English, adapt to a new environment and work to catch up with their classmates in school. Refugee children often experience challenges, having never attended school or having gaps in their education due to violence and dislocation.

Our after-school program caters to children from kindergarten through eighth grade from underprivileged families. We believe that underprivileged children should have the opportunity to advance themselves by having a good education. Studies have shown that children with after-school tutorials are more likely to improve their grades than those who do not. Some of the children have experienced a high increase in grades in as little as three months.

Students in our ASP program participate in:

  • homework sessions
  • Math and Science
  • reading and writing
  • arts and music
  • games and sports
  • computer exploration
  • literacy activities
  • other extra-curricular activities promote art and culture, and teamwork.